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The Manny & Olga's Story

Greece native, Manny Athanasakis, brought his family and his values of hard work to the US in 1971

Manny opened his first restaurant in 1974, gaining valuable experience which he expanded on through the years.

In 1993, the restaurant was officially named Manny & Olga's, and the tradition was started. Incorporating the names of father and daughter (Manny and Olga) family values and warm hospitality are the key ingredients appreciated and respected by customers even today.

Growing up in the olive and grape fields of Greece, Manny Athanasakis learned the value of hard work, dedication, and determination - the ingredients of success in attaining his dream of having a family-owned business.

Incorporating these Old World principles into his restaurant business, Manny's reputation speaks for itself.

Delicious food, fair prices, and quality service are what you can expect with every visit to Manny & Olga's.